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Everybody is perfect.

Fascination made by BRABUS Classic.

Where else do you see a number of Pagodas and three, four, no five 300 SL Gullwings lined up like this? Perfectly restored they stand here in front of you — various further classics like precious pearls threaded on a string. Each one of them with a flawless paint job, each absolutely perfectly restored, each in new-car quality.


Presented in an interplay of open workshop with integrated show room presumably unique worldwide — the modern, open eat-in kitchen so to speak for the lover of classic automobiles. Enjoy and adore with all your senses. In this circle of truly exclusive classics, we of BRABUS Classic heartily welcome you ...

Nearly 40 years of experience as a Mercedes-Benz specialist form the foundation for BRABUS Classic. Our experts for high-end restoration, maintenance and service of vintage cars and young classics based on Mercedes-Benz or BRABUS make automotive dreams come true: We use original parts whenever possible and apply perfect craftsmanship to produce automotive works of art —made in the supreme quality of a Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner.


BRABUS Classic is a division of the BRABUS company, as a manufacturer of exclusive cars the world's biggest independent car tuner.

6-Star Restoration.

Nothing else.


Vintage automobiles with new-car warranty. Between 1,500 and 4,000 man hours depending on the vehicle, the know-how from nearly 40 years of automotive engineering, countless new parts and meticulous attention to detail — this is how we make vintage vehicles with new-car character. To emphasize their extraordinary perfection, we give these restorations the quality seal "6 stars". To this end, we have our vehicles assessed, after completion of work, by Classic Data, the leading vintage car expert organization, on a regular basis. And just as regularly, Classic Data awards the score "Excellent" to all vehicles presented based on the unique quality and authenticity of restoration. Including the addition that our vintage cars are classics with "new-car character". That means that our classic automobiles are fully suitable for daily use!

But no matter whether we are talking about the complete renovation or a partial restoration of the body, enhancement or repair of the interior, restoration of woodwork, or engine varnishing or reconditioning — the BRABUS Classic Team fulfils every one of your wishes perfectly.

We emphasize the highest conceivable quality in the execution of all work by giving a warranty promise: all Mercedes-Benz classic automobiles that have been fully restored by BRABUS are provided with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

This is how the BRABUS Classic team does restorations.

We always work close to the old substance.

The 6-star restoration of a Mercedes-Benz classic is always based on the principle of reusing as many original parts as possible. That means we work close to the substance and discard only those components that definitely need to be replaced. We start by disassembling the base car in our workshop down to the last nut and bolt. In this process, all parts are inspected and catalogued. Unserviceable components are discarded and others which are suitable for

reconditioning restored to mint condition by our specialists, such as chrome

parts that simply need replating. The bodyshell is then completely stripped of paint, reconditioned by experienced master bodywork specialists and given a catalytic dip primer coating. The scope of the restoration also comprises perfect corrosion protection using cutting-edge technology to protect the paint as well as a perfect paint job in the original colour.

While work on the body is going on, the engine is completely disassembled in the BRABUS high-tech engine shop, and all parts are measured. The rebuilding process includes grinding and honing the cylinders as well as overhauling the cylinder head. The engine smoothness outperforms that of the original engine in the end. Our powertrain technicians use the same precision in overhauling the drivetrain including the transmission, driveshaft and differential.


There are also no compromises with regard to suspension and brakes: all components are replaced with new parts and thus offer optimal active safety. Our in-house leather and upholstery shop makes cloth and leather interiors as well as carpeting in any colour, perfectly and fully authentically finished to the smallest detail. The product lineup includes materials in precisely the same colour as the original that once came off the assembly lines as well as in any other colour conceivable.

The soft tops for the drop-top Mercedes-Benz models are also manufactured in any desired colour and the same high quality. Our finish carpenters specialize in reconditioning all cockpit wood inlays or in creating completely new ones from the same type of wood.


After work in the various departments is completed, the classic Mercedes car is reassembled with utmost precision. It goes without saying that in the process not only all mechanical wear parts, but also all seals and gaskets are replaced. Prior to being delivered to the
customer — depending on the destination either as a VIP transport in a closed truck or by air freight — every vehicle is subjected to extensive functional testing as well as safety and quality checks.

Maintenance and service.

Full service at BRABUS Classic! Our workshop is open to any classic.

You would like to have your vintage car thoroughly checked before the upcoming rally? Just give us a call and drop in — our offer covers the full range of services, from oil change to perfect inspections to complete reconditioning. For particularly with a classic or special vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz or BRABUS vintage car or modern classic, the appropriate maintenance and care should never be neglected.

BRABUS Classic offers you the complete vehicle reconditioning program, including but not limited to multi-layered polishing, leather detailing, carpet and engine cleaning, so that your vehicle can shine in its original beauty again. Technical maintenance, such as engine and electronics overhaul, is given as much heed as function checks of safety and electronic systems in the more modern vehicles.  We are also happy to take on your vehicle's general inspection and exhaust emissions test as well as the inspection procedure for obtaining a vintage car license plate. Our competent service consultants are available to answer any questions concerning maintenance and care of your vintage car.

Our service at a glance.


- Sale of complete vehicles

- Consulting and appraisal

- Restoration and body repair

- Engine construction

- Leather and woodwork restoration

- Paint jobs

- Repair, maintenance and service

- Enhancement and care

- EU conversion

- General inspection and exhaust emissions test as well as the
  inspection procedure for obtaining a vintage car license plate

- Preparation of expert opinions


Not all. But everything is perfect.

These are the models we specialize in.


If you seek the repair or restoration of a classic car from one of the model series designated below, you best find your way to us and the specialists in our workshop team. The proven experts know and take care of every detail of your original.

Your contact partners at BRABUS Classic.

Do you have any questions? We will be glad to answer them!

Are you just as fascinated by the incomparable charm of old vehicles as we are? Perhaps you are even looking for a vintage car? Or you need professional help in service, maintenance and care? Do visit us at our unique BRABUS Classic show room with open workshop and simply

present your wishes to us – Manuel Schmitz, Classic Sales Manager, and Karl-Heinz Koch, Classic Workshop Manager, will be happy to help you. Find current offers on our home page under:

Manuel Schmitz

Classic Sales Manager

phone: +49 211 210 916 02


Karl-Heinz Koch

Classic Workshop Manager

phone: +49 2041 777-427


BRABUS Classic is a

Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner.


Even in the rare case that, for a certain model, we do not have the right in-house expert, we are happy to help by recommending one of the competent ClassicPartners from our network. In a total of 24 locations, we take care of our customers' needs and of their classic cars while using valuable
synergies — for instance by exchanging knowledge and experience for the care of those precious originals. If you want to find out where your Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartners are located, and what good they can do for your classic car in detail, go to:



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